301 Series 

for Fine Grain Materials 
For Fine Grained Materials [Herbicides etc.]
  • Fine Grained Herbicides.
  • Scotts® Rout and Bayer®'s Ronstar
  • Other Dry Free Flowing Fine Grain Materials - with predominant size range upto 1.0mm in diameter.
Dose Range: 0.1g - 5.5g* (with 250 adjustable dose settings)
Hand-Held (HH): Top-Dressing with accurate fine dose dispersal.
Automated Industrial (AI): Applicator ideal for conveyor belt automation.

* Results Based upon Scotts® Rout Herbicide. Results may vary for different materials due to their density and flowing characteristics.
Download the Brochures for more detailed information:
 PDF Brochures

Accurate Dosing
  • Smallest Dose as low as 0.1g, suitable for small pots. Largest dose as high as 3.5 grams, with easy multiple triggering for larger coverage.
  • 150 electronic settings between lowest and highest Dose
  • Assists in Eliminating Material Wastage and reducing costs.

  • Light touch trigger
  • Fast manual firing
  • Pace Firing™ mode
  • Superior Ergonomics for comfortable continuous operation.
  • Gets the job of individual plant care done just that much faster.
  • Doing the right thing by your valued workers, your plants and your business.

Material Isolation
  • Greatly reduces material exposure by your workers to chemical contact and smells.
  • Less complaints by workers!
  • Improved Coverage
  • Spreads Herbicide over container soil surface.
  • Optional use of angled nozzle attachment.

Best Practice
  • Compared to other methods reduces chemical run-off for less impact on local environment
  • Improves OH&S Standards for both worker posture and material handling.

2 Year Warranty and Support

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