Frequently Asked Questions

Product Features and Use
Is the Applicator suitable for all users ?
There are significant features in the design of the applicator which make it suitable for a very wide range of users.
  • Handling and flexibility characteristics make it equally suitable for both left and right handed usage.
  • The deliberate overall lightness means that you do not have to be a large person to use the applicator with complete comfort.
  • Worker-height (and container-height) are simply accommodated using different lengths of delivery tube (which may also be trimmed to suit).
  • The storage tube handle is adjustable to any user's preference.

Can I use fine powders in the Applicator ?
Yes, the GreenElf Applicator 301 Series is designed specifically for free-flowing dry granular materials averaging in the range up to 1mm - such as Herbicides like Scotts Rout and Bayers Ronstar and many others. This can include other materials so long as they are free flowing and dry.
For larger granules we recommend the 501 Series Applicator.

Can the Hand-Held Applicator be used on a Potting Machine ?
Both the 501 and 301 Series GreenElf Applicators are availale in Hand-Held (HH) and Automated Industrial (AI) models. The AI model is designed for the potting machine, conveyor belt, moving vehicle and other automated systems. There are a different set of accessories available designed for mounting the Applicator on Potting Machines and facility for remote triggering synchronized with pot position (eg. infra-red beam sensor).

Does the GreenElf Applicator really have “Automatic Obstruction Recovery” ?
The are several Patent-Pending features in the applicator used to achieve both detection of an obstruction and the action needed to clear it. Typically, an obstruction is in the form of a clumped piece of poor-quality material. Such material is almost always cleared automatically and the action may not even be noticed by the operator. The Applicator will retry the clearance of an obstruction many times and only give up in the worst of cases. In the very unlikely event that the applicator cannot clear an obstruction, it will inform the user on the display panel. The User Guide contains simple instructions on how to clear an obstruction manually.

How can the GreenElf Applicator “Do no damage to the Prill Coatings” ?
Experience and extensive testing shows that the GreenElf Applicator has nil or very little effect on the integrity of the coatings of Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF). This is an important feature because you want to be sure that the material you use will retain its controlled release characteristics as intended by the manufacturer. The technique used to achieve the non-crushing and non-scraping of granules as they pass through the applicator in normal use is subject to Patent Pending status in the U.S.A.. We refer to this technology as “Dynamic Bridging”.

How many Shots can I get from a single Battery charge ?
The GreenElf Applicator battery usage and charging system is designed to exceed the number of shots ever likely to be made in one day of operation. During testing in the workshop with a new battery, we have run over 45,000 shots on a single charge before the unit reports (on the display) that a recharge is required. Whatever your own daily usage, we recommend that during regular use you always fully charge overnight, every night, even if your own shot rate is under 20,000 per day.

How many years of service can I expect to get from the Battery ?
GreenElf Works uses only the latest top-quality 'Eneloop' branded Sanyo Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries. If all battery charging procedures are followed, you can expect over 1,000 full “charge/use/recharge” cycles. This is the equivalent of continuous use 7 days a week, every week, for close on three years.

Warranty and Support
Is there a Warranty ?
The GreenElf Applicator comes with a 2 Year Warranty, commencing from the date of shipment. Warranty includes labor as may be needed to carry out the repair or remedy.

What Support is offered other than Warranty ?
  • Spare parts are available for order as required.
  • Repair Services are also available outside of the warranty.
  • GreenElf Works welcomes questions and comments as you may wish to make via email or over the phone.

Do you have a distributor where I live ?
We do have a carefully selected group of distributors, for a full current list please visit our distributors page to find a distributor closest to you. Most of our distributors first began as one of our customers, buying the GreenElf Applicator for use in their own nursery business. As a result they have will often have first hand knowledge and experience of the GreenElf Applicator range and their capabilities.

If you prefer you are welcome to buy directly from GreenElf Works and by contacting us through this website. The existence of email and very efficient domestic and international shippers means that these days support and assistance is effectively close-by.

Can I get a demonstration before purchase ?
This is not always possible, depending on your location. GreenElf Works may be able to suggest a visit-friendly existing customer or a distributor in your area, or alternatively a trade-show at which you could see a demonstration. Give us a call to see what might be arranged.

Where is the GreenElf Applicator made?
The GreenElf Applicator is a fully Australian product; Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Sydney, Australia.

Will there be a new Product Release soon ?
The 501 and 301 Series Applicators are our newest releases. While we are always working on improving our products, there are no major updates to these models in the near future. However we are developing accessories that can make these Applicators more versatile and these products will be announced on this website as they become available.

Payment and Shipping
Who Covers Shipping Costs ?
We will quote the buyer reasonable shipping costs for all orders. GreenElf Works will also cover shipping costs inbound to you for all valid Warranty Repairs.
Please note however, that shipping costs for all units or parts shipped from you to GreenElf Works - for Warranty Repair or any other reason - must be pre-paid by you, unless otherwise agreed.

How do I purchase ?
Purchase is easy,
  1. Send us an email or message. We will then phone you. We like to discuss your basic intended-usage and likely materials, to make sure that the proposed sale is suitable for your situation.
  2. If you wish to use a credit card, we can take details whenever you like. If you require it, a formal Invoice can be supplied (pdf). We accept Bank Transfer, MC, Visa and American Express.
  3. Shipping is to your nursery door. We track the shipment with the courier service and 3 - 4 days later you should have your order at the nursery door.

Can I get a discount if I buy more than one Applicator ?
If you are buying 3 or more units on a single order, please contact us to discuss the possibility of a price reduction.

My Applicator or Part-Order has not arrived. What do I do ?
GreenElf Works will always advise you of the actual ship date and expected arrival date of your order, and in most cases we will provide you with a tracking number of the item being delivered. If you have not received the order for several days after the expected time, please contact GreenElf Works and advise us – we will chase the shipper for you and resolve difficulties due to addressing or any other reason.

Are there any Duties or other Taxes on Imports from Australia ?
Imports of the GreenElf Applicator into the USA and EU are not attracting customs duties or taxes when exported from Australia under the AHECC (Australian Harmonized Export Commodity Code) 8432.40 and 8432.90 (parts).

Note however that GreenElf Works cannot anticipate local policy changes or any special taxes or charges that could or may be levied in your particular state or jurisdiction. For inbound shipping to you, any additional tariffs, duties, surcharges, taxes or other imposts that may be levied by authorities or agencies in the country of destination must be paid by you.

Your Question not answered?
Contact us and we'll try to our best to answer it!

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